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May 23, 2024

Dear Plan Participant:

I am writing to provide you with an update and some additional information regarding
the new Plan coverage. As previously communicated, the Plan has partnered with
Insurance Design Administrators (IDA), The MagnaCare Physician provider network,
and MedWatch for your medical needs. This new arrangement brings many benefits,
ensuring you a seamless and efficient healthcare experience.


You have been enrolled with the new provider retroactive to February 1st, and as
previously informed, the DC 37 Local 95 Welfare Fund will retroactively reimburse any
eligible service claims incurred between February 1st and April 30th, 2024.


The third-party administrator, IDA, will coordinate all coverage issues, answer any
benefit questions, and provide resources for your benefit needs, including a link to the
participating physicians' network. participating. To confirm your enrollment status or
any questions about your medical coverage, you should contact IDA by telephone at
1-800-225-1345 or on their website at


The Plan no longer requires a Primary Care Physician or PCP to direct your healthcare.
However, all Plan design features remain unchanged, including the requirement for innetwork
Physician and Non-Facility Services. Please refer to the Funds website Summary of Benefit Coverage.
These changes do not include your prescription benefit or dental plan, provided
through a separate contract with Navitus Rx and HealthPlex, and will continue


There has been a delay in producing the new Medical Identification Card. However, as
of May 23, all cards have been produced and are in the mail. Please watch your mail
from the Fund office. If you recently moved or relocated, please ensure the Fund office
has your new address on file.


We have also posted a new FAQ on the Funds website to answer some of your general
questions; this will be posted under the Resources Tab at
Additionally, if you have incurred any expense you wish to be reimbursed, please
download, and complete a claim form from the Welfare Funds website, The form can be downloaded under the Forms or Resources
tab. Once downloaded, please complete sections 1-13 and have your provider
complete sections 14-33. You can also obtain the claim form from the provider's office.

Give us a call:
(212) 343-1660

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